Friday, September 13, 2013


Hi everyone! Quick little update. Because school has started (I'm a teacher and Cheryl is a student), we don't have as much time to promote on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and actually write posts, so please bear with us. We will try our best to write as often as we can, but there won't be too many posts until school finishes. Thank you for reading this!

Update: Also, I just want you all to know that we do still have sponsored reviews lined up. One of them happens to be quite an expensive item that I will receive for free in exchange for a review. I will still write a completely honest review on it, but whether or not you believe me is your choice. I just wanted to let you know now. I'll try not to be like a blogger that only cares about free stuff and not enough about the actual review, I promise :).

*confession time* Not that I don't like free things. It's true, I do (I'm sorry, but it really is true), but at the same time, I'm working for it since each review takes me hours to write & revise/edit (and days/weeks to test). A lot of my time & care goes into writing each one, so that it shows most of what you would want to know about it and hopefully helps you out if you ever wanted to buy it. If that made sense :). *end confession*
I do write reviews because I find it somewhat fun to do and I like to help people out a lot. I enjoy helping others to find a good, effective product to try, so I will always write an honest review. If I don't like it, I will be very blunt (like the Pine Bros Cough Drops, it was an earlier review and I didn't know how things worked in the blogger community back then. Apparently, you should tell the company if you are writing a negative review... I had no clue back then, but I'm still keeping it up because it's what I felt about it.) and if I do like it, well, I would recommend it and probably sing praises about it :).

Anyway, currently, we do have a lot of sponsored reviews to go through. After they are all written, it'll probably be more like usual, a few sponsored & a few non-sponsored all mixed in. I hope you all will still enjoy our blog!

*I'm sorry if this post didn't make that much sense, but they are my honest thoughts. Thank you for reading our blog. I am very grateful to all of you and eventually (maybe when I hit, say, 5,000 fans on Facebook or maybe 3,000 visits a month) I want to host a big giveaway to show my appreciation to all of you. Somewhat like the $100 Blogiversary giveaway we hosted this year. Point is, thank you all. Really, thank you.

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