Friday, August 1, 2014

Spellbinders Review

This is the first of the last sponsored reviews I have. Yes, it is sponsored, meaning I received these products for free. This does not affect my opinion at all and the opinions expressed below are 100% honest and my own. Now, let's get started.
I received two little kits for two different projects from Spellbinders for this review that feature their new Celebrations collection. One kit was for a little card and the other for a treat bag. However, Spellbinders doesn't sell these kits. They actually only sell most of the supplies used to make these projects. Therefore, this review will be mostly about what I thought of the materials rather than anything on, for example, the ease of the instructions I received for the kits.
I thought that the materials included & sold by Spellbinders were of good quality. The card stock was pretty heavy & durable and the textures made by die templates were well imprinted into the paper. The patterned paper (polka-dotted paper) had two different sides with different patterns on each side and the colors printed onto the paper to create the pattern were bright, bold, and really popped.
The other side of the polka-dotted paper
The tags were made using their card stock, one of their stamps, and their ink. I found that the stamped on words and designs tended to have a lighter, less bold quality when the ink is of a lighter shade. What I mean by that is that the ink leaves behind more blank, no-ink bits on the paper when the ink is orange (a lighter shade) than when it is purple (a darker shade). I'm not sure if this is because of the ink itself or if the stamps simply needed another coat of the lighter inks, but it's an observation I made. All the other various embellishments (e.g. sequins, string, etc.) also seem well made. Overall, I think their products are a crafter's dream. They sell various supplies that could be used to make crafts better and prettier than ever before. However, I'd just be careful with the lighter inks. There should be no problem and it could just be that whoever printed it didn't use enough ink on the stamp, but just take a note of what I observed when you buy from Spellbinders.
If you'd like to purchase anything from Spellbinders, click here to see what they are selling.
Now for a little something else.
The kits I received allowed me to make these:
I scanned the instructions for the crafts (Note: I did not think up these crafts myself. I believe they are the property of Spellbinders.) & they include a shopping list for the supplies needed for the crafts if you'd like to make them. Here they are below:

So, that's it for this review. Thank you for reading and I'll see you all next time!

Quick Update

Hi everybody. I know I have not posted in a very long time and I'm sorry for not doing so. I'm currently thinking a few things through, but for now, I've decided this.
I am not going to abandon this blog, but I believe that after I finish all of the reviews I've been asked to write in exchange for free products, I will not write another sponsored post. Instead, I will update rather infrequently, but with products I've purchased myself and feel like sharing my experience about.
This type of blogging I'm currently doing has been feeling ridiculous. Each group giveaway post is practically like bloggers begging for follows, likes, views, etc. Essentially, social media attention and such. So, with 183 posts on giveaways, how low have I gone? Each sponsored review has been completely honest as I've always said in the beginnings or ends of my posts, but I don't know how many people believe my words since it was free to me. For all the other posts, they are probably either blogger ops or some sort of post where I was trying to make money, whether for our blog or, let's face it, me/my family. The blogger ops were to get attention for the group giveaways I later posted about and the sponsored posts/affiliated-linked posts were quite a bit of a low for me. I'm sorry about that.
Anyway, the main point I'm making is this. After I finish the reviews I'm obligated to write (I have 9 left I believe… yes, I was being lazy. I'm sorry.), I will not write another sponsored post. I will write non-sponsored reviews instead. Like this blog was intended to be like.
Of course, this post isn't intended to bash any bloggers or anything like that because frankly, that would be stupid. If it's offensive to anyone, I'm sorry for making you feel that way when it wasn't intended to hurt anyone.