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Diamond Candles Review & Giveaway

Hi everyone! This is in fact another sponsored review & giveaway. I know that I've been posting a lot of them recently, I really do, but I still don't know what to review for the non-sponsored review. I really want to do one soon, though.
Anyway, I received a Diamond Candle for free in exchange for a review, but despite this, my opinions are 100% mine & honest. Your opinions may differ from mine. I am under absolutely no obligation to write a positive review and I definitely wouldn't accept a review request that required me to.

Now, let's get started!

I was extremely excited to review Diamond Candles. I've seen plenty of reviews & giveaways from other bloggers and I've purchased one myself (the cinnamon roll one) in the past. For those of you who don't know what Diamond Candles are, they are a company that makes all natural soy candles and inside each of those candles, there's a ring! So, not only do you get a candle that has a nice scent, you also get a piece of jewelry to keep even after the candle's completely burned down! And, it also makes a nice gift! You can see some more information about them here and in the video below.
Now the actual review!
The first thing I noticed was the good protective packaging. It was within a cardboard box and had paper wrapped around it. I appreciated that they took these measures to make sure that my candle wasn't damaged.

Now, when I took my candle out, my first thought was the color. It was a really beautiful deep purple/magenta color and I really loved it. The second thing I noticed was the thick glass container. It didn't look hard to break and actually, after I burnt it, I dropped my candle from about 1 foot above my wooden floor, that was covered with a thin rug, (I was to scared to drop it from higher to be honest...) and it just made a loud thud and it wasn't cracked at all.
Another thing I noticed just by looking on the outside was that my ring, as indicated by the gold circle you can see below (that gold circle isn't your ring... my first diamond candle ended up being a mess after I tried to get that out, but it was glued to the glass. I was so confused until I saw my actual ring. It was a pretty stupid mistake ^^;), was pretty close to the surface. This, I was extremely happy about. 
I actually have a Diamond Candle confession. I'm sorry to say this guys, but I am a digger. What I mean by this is that I'm not really patient when it comes to burning these candles. So, typically, before it melts enough that I can get the ring easily, I grab this letter opener that no one in my household uses and use that to dig around in the wax to try to get to the ring. Therefore, my previous candles have been very messy. This time though, I was absolutely determined to wait it out long enough to get the ring easily this time.
Anyway, before finally burning the candle, I took a whiff of it. It smelled like a fresh flowery laundry-like scent and I really liked it. After this, I finally lit the wick.
While it was burning, the scent wasn't too weak, but it wasn't all that strong either. At first, it wasn't really strong enough to be noticeable unless I went close to the candle and sniffed it directly. But, after a while (about an hour or so), you could actually notice it from about a foot away. The scent spread quite slowly. But, after another 10-20 min. you could notice it from about 2 ft. away. It kept spreading until it basically filled my room with a light scent. It really wasn't that strong at all, but that was just how I liked it. There wasn't that much of a smoky scent and it was pretty clean burning, as well.
Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for (or at least the moment I was waiting for). After about 3 hours, I could see the tip of my pouch! I kind of wanted to dig it out right then and there, but for the sake of this review, I pulled myself back. Another hour later and I couldn't wait anymore. I grabbed my letter opener and went in.
It was already pretty much dislodged, so all I had to do was wiggle it back and forth and then, I pushed it up and into a napkin I had ready on the side. Then, I blew out the candle. Just a tip to all of you, don't blow out the candle. I had forgotten from my first experience, so I did it again, but you should really just put the lid onto the candle and the flame will snuff itself out.

Unfortunately, I don't have a video. I'm sorry everyone, but I didn't have anyone near me at the time to film for me, so I didn't. I did take pictures at every step though, so here they are!

1. The ring is still wrapped.
2. Pulling the foil apart.
3. Ring is wrapped in a plastic bag.
4. Unfurling the plastic bag

5. THE RING!!! AHHH!!!
6. The ring on me
About the ring reveal experience, I was sort of jumpy. I wanted to see my ring really bad. There was wax covering the foil, so I was a bit worried about the ring having wax on it (it had happened last time), but luckily, the ring had its plastic bag on it and it wasn't disturbed.
So, I proceeded to open the bag and dumped the ring onto a clean tissue I had ready. It was a beautiful ring. Unfortunately though, it was too big for me.

I also checked the ring's inside rim for any markings (I care about the ring's value as much as anyone, it's true.) and I found none. According to the website, that means it is probably $10, but it could be valued up to $100. I'm not going to lie. I was a little disappointed, but honestly, it's still a beautiful ring, so I like it. I just wish it was a smaller ring size.

Overall, Diamond Candles aren't bad. The scent wasn't amazingly strong for me and it took quite a while just to get my one little room filled with a light scent, but I didn't mind as much because I prefer a lighter scent, anyway. If you do like a stronger scent, I'll tell you right now that I have also seen reviews that said that the scent is very strong. It might have just been my candle/the batch my candle was in, so I wouldn't form an opinion on it just yet without actually trying it first. The price isn't too bad either. A large Yankee Candle is about the same size I believe and is around the same price. However, the Yankee Candle doesn't have a ring, so Diamond Candles seem to have the better value.
Also, even if your ring doesn't fit you, there's a ring exchange Facebook page here.
Bottom line is, I would probably recommend it. It's fun to use and would be an awesome gift. I loved the experience and I think that you would too.

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