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Brew Over Ice Review & Giveaway!

Brew Over Ice

Hi! Yes, this is another sponsored review & giveaway. I received this Brew Over Ice pack for free in exchange for a review. However, the opinions mentioned below are 100% mine and completely honest. I'm not under any obligation to write a positive review and I wouldn't accept a job that entitles that I do either.
Also, just to let you know, we have a lot of awesome reviews in the works, so keep checking back.

First, I suppose I'll start off with a little about the Brew Over Ice line. The Brew Over Ice line is basically a way to enjoy icy, delicious drinks through your Keurig Brewer. All you have to do is fill an 16 oz. cup with ice, put your k-cup & water in, press the 6 oz/8 oz brew button, stir, and enjoy! You can find more information here.

My review:

Like I said, I received a Brew Over Ice pack which included:
-3 Brew Over Ice K-cup Samples
-1 Brew Over Ice Tumbler
-4 Brew Over Ice Coasters
-1 Brew Over Ice ice bucket & tongs

Since there were three different samples, this review will be split into each flavor & I'll tell you my experience with the Brew Over Ice procedure along the way.

Flavor #1: Vitamin Burst 'Strawberry Pomegranate'

I have a Keurig B30 mini brewer. It's an older model and I got it a few years ago, but it's still making the amazing coffee and drinks that I love. It's the brewer I used to make all of these samples I'm going to review today and it only has one button (so, it's brewing 8 oz each time I believe).

So, the first thing I did was fill the brew over ice tumbler with ice. Then, I took out that bottom tray from my brewer and tried to put the cup in. It didn't fit. So, I thought, "Okay, then how about I just hold it there?" I prepared everything else (put the k-cup in, poured the water, etc), and held the cup. However, it didn't work. I't wouldn't let me brew my drink because there wasn't enough weight on the bottom. I had tilted the cup (->), so that the brewed juice would go right in, but that ended up with the cup not touching that bottom piece, so it didn't work. I ended up just giving up on the tumbler and poured the ice into another cup. I put the cup on the bottom piece and brewed my juice. I have to admit that the tumbler being too big was a bit annoying. I wish that they had a different sized tumbler for mini brewers, so that the whole process would be easier & preparing an on-the-go drink would be easier as well.

Anyway, after it was done brewing I noticed that the ice was almost completely melted. I had expected some of it melting, but not almost all of it. It wasn't too big of a deal though. I could've put more ice in, but I figured that to give a true review, I should just give it a taste and comment on it.

The juice was a bit too sweet in my opinion. I was a bit surprised at this because I thought the ice melting would water the flavor down, but it didn't. It made me think a bit about how sweet it would be if the ice hadn't melted (Hmmm...). About the flavor, I could really taste the strawberry, but not that much of the pomegranate. I was slightly disappointed at that. And now the temperature. The temperature of the drink was again, not what I expected. I'm not sure if you are supposed to put more ice in afterwards, but since I didn't I found that the drink was only cold near the ice and the rest of it was about room temperature. Kind of disappointed. So, therefore, if you were to ever buy this flavor, my tip to you is put more ice in afterwards! Unless you like your drinks at room temperature. Overall, do I think this particular variety was worth it... to be honest, not really. I feel like you should just go buy a quart of juice in that flavor at a supermarket and pour that over ice instead. I think you would get the same thing, but with less of a hassle and maybe even less money.

Flavor #2: Snapple Peach Iced Tea

I was really excited to try this one. I LOVE Snapple Iced Tea (well, the lemon kind anyway) and the idea of being able to make it right in my home was really appealing. I went through the same process (fill cup w/ ice, put k-cup in, pour water in, brew) ->
and gave it a taste. Like the Vitamin Burst sample, this one had also melted almost all the ice, so I was expecting the flavor to be watered down. It wasn't. It actually tasted pretty good! It was still a bit sweet for my taste, but overall it wasn't bad. You can taste both the peach and the tea, but the peach is a bit stronger. The temperature was like the last one, but I wasn't really judging based on temperature, but rather taste. Overall, it wasn't bad, but before I go out to buy some of these k-cups, I would probably calculate prices, since it might just be cheaper to go buy a few bottles of it in-store, rather than brew it at home using k-cups.

Flavor #3: Donut House Collection Sweet & Creamy "Regular"

I'm a bit of a coffee junkie. Hot or cold, I love it. I prefer darker brews rather than lighter brews, so if you like lighter brews, just know that my opinion is based on my liking for darker brews.

When it was finished brewing, I picked it up and smelled the coffee. It smelled really good. As usual, the ice had melted, so I was a bit iffy about the taste. The taste was okay. It wasn't amazing or anything like that. It had this vanilla-coffee blend that I liked. Like the previous drinks, it was really only cold near the ice & the rest was at about room temperature. Overall, it's okay, but honestly, it might just be better to stick with what you have because it may be cheaper and you can control the flavor to your liking better. 

So, in the end, I didn't really fall in love with any of the flavors. The Snapple one was probably my favorite, but I feel like all these drinks could be cheaper/easier to make or just buy normally rather than brew using k-cups. I ended up not using the ice bucket, tongs, and coasters. Those would be more helpful if there were more people with me, but as for me, I was having a party of one. So, I hope you enjoyed this review and don't be afraid to comment. I pretty much never see comments and I would really like to know what you think. Even if it's about something I'm doing wrong. Thanks!

Now for the giveaway. You may have different opinions from mine, so if you still want to try these k-cups, go ahead and enter! Otherwise, thank you for reading!

One winner will win a Brew Over Ice pack for free!
It will begin August 21th 12:00 AM and end September 4th 12:00 AM.
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