Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ageless Derma Satin Lip Gloss Review

Hi everyone! Yes, this is a sponsored post. I received the product I'm going to mention below for free in exchange for an honest review. Yes, this is honest. I'm under no obligation to write a positive review and I wouldn't accept a job that entitles that I must write a positive review. Now, let's start.

First off, I just want to say that this is my first true 'makeup' review, so bear with me if it isn't amazing. I will definitely get better. I promise.

About the line:
Ageless Derma's satin lip gloss line is a line designed to help provide a solution to lip dehydration and wrinkling due to aging & sun exposure with vitamin enrichment. Each lip gloss contains moisturizing & healing ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E & A, and green tea extract. Vitamin A is used to exfoliate skin and regenerate cell renewal, while vitamin E works to moisturize and heal your skin. The green tea extract works to make your lips younger and the aloe vera helps protect & heal your lips.

My review:

I was really excited to work with Ageless Derma and review their lip gloss.
First, I want to talk about the container. The container itself is easy to open and easy to screw closed and the square shape keeps it firmly in my hand and not on the ground from my butterfingers. It's also small and easy to slip into a purse, bag, etc. Now, the lipgloss itself. I received the color 'Crystalline' and it's this shimmery light pink color. Here's the swatch of it.

The gloss is pretty easy to apply on my lips. It's a little sticky, but it's not that big of a deal. The shade is also really pretty. It's pretty close to my lip's color, so it's almost nude, but it provides a nice shine and darkens my lips just a touch. It isn't too shiny, which was a plus for me. It shines just enough to be noticeable.
Here's a comparison photo. Like it says, my upper lip has no lipgloss and my lower lip does.

 And another photo, completely glossed.

After applying it, I felt like it really was moisturizing my lips. Also, it kind of "melted", I suppose, and became a bit less sticky than before. I licked my lips a little and the taste (yes, the taste, I don't exactly want something gross on my lips since I have a habit of licking them) wasn't bad. It didn't actually taste like anything. 
Anyway, once it was on my lips, my test began. My past experience with lip glosses that were supposedly "moisturizing" aren't amazing. Most of the time, after taking it off, my lips would flake, a lot like it does after putting on most commercial lip balms, such as, Chapstick. Therefore the moisturizing ability was something I really wanted to put to the test. I decided to leave it on for two hours before taking it off and seeing the results. During these two hours, I went about my business, but I also took a look at the ingredients. With all these "good" ingredients (vitamin A, vitamin E, etc.), I was curious to see what else was in it. So, I checked. Here's a picture of the back of the lipgloss container.

I'm not huge on natural products, but I do try to buy all-natural/green/organic products whenever I can. I was a bit annoyed to find a lot of ingredients I didn't know, but at the same time, I know that most cosmetics companies use these ingredients frequently, so I can't get mad at Ageless Derma for using them too. I also should have researched more myself. That was one downside to this product.

Once the two hours were up, I took the lip gloss off. The result? I found that it did not flake that much. Of course, when I rubbed on it with a napkin, it flaked a little, but it was a lot better than I expected it would be. My lips themselves were also less lined (as promised) and softer. They certainly felt moisturized. Here's a picture.

Overall, I liked the product. The only downsides were the ingredients & that it was a bit sticky. That's it. It promised to moisturize and protect my lips, and it did. It also looks good. Bottom line is, I would recommend this product.

If you would like to purchase this lip gloss, click here.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review. I also hope it helped you find a better product to purchase next time. Remember, if you ever have a product you want to know more about, feel free to ask us to review it. We would be happy to purchase it and review it!

Disclosure: Again, I want to say that I received the product mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated above are completely mine and they may differ from yours. This review was my honest opinion. I wouldn't post something I do not believe in.