Friday, August 3, 2012

Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Brewer

Sorry about not writing reviews lately, but I was really busy these past few weeks with family stuff. So today, I'm going to write a review on the Keurig B30 model Mini Coffee Brewer. This is a kind of older model, but it is a really good coffee brewer and definitely just as good as any other Keurig.

The Keurig B30 is a personal coffee brewer that brews only one cup at a time, but does a very good job at it. The coffee is always hot and the amount that comes out of the brewer is perfect. I would say that it makes a 10 oz. coffee if you fill it with water to its fill line. It's perfect for a 12 oz. cup if you like cream and sugar with your coffee. And, if you like your coffee a bit bolder than what the label says it is, just put in less water and that typically helps a bit.

The K-cups themselves are awesome because they are really convenient to just put in and not have to worry about measurements. It's also easy to clean. You just take out the k-cup and throw it out. Then, you just pop out the black k-cup holder and rinse under the tap or run some water through the machine.  The only annoying thing is that the k-cups can be kind of expensive. Taking that into consideration, Keurig also made a "my k-cup" which is for using the loose, ground coffee you already have at home. However, I don't recommend using that because it makes really light coffee and sometimes grains of coffee falls into your drink and creates a gritty texture in your mouth.

Overall, the Keurig B30 is an amazing coffee maker and its value is good. I would recommend this to anyone, but don't use the "My K-Cup".

I'll write another review tomorrow, but don't forget that you can request a review for a product you'd like to know more about. I will try to help out and I will give you my honest opinion. See you back here tomorrow!

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