Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Ointment

I love this stuff! It really helps relieve pain and heals bug bites. Personally, I use it mostly for bug bites by flies and mosquitoes and it makes it not as itchy and it heals it faster. I just apply and go! For relieving pain, I put it on minor aches and they are relieved temporarily, but it doesn't work that well for me. Like all products there are the pros and cons and here they are:


  1. Helps heal bug bites- all I have to do is put it on and the itchiness fades
  2. Helps relieve pain- It doesn't work that well for me, but it does take the edge off the pain
  3. Easy to put on- Just rub on and go
  4. Effective
  1. Smell- Some people are OK with it (like me) and others (like my friend) don't. It is a strong scent and if you smell it too long it stings your nose a bit, but I don't mind.
I hope this helped you choose the right product!

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