Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Purex Ultra Packs and Downy Unstoppables

Sorry again! Got caught up in the Mother's Day Madness, but since I missed Sunday, I'll be posting a review about 2 products.

Purex Ultra Packs
Purex Ultra Packs are like all the other no-mess laundry detergents available today. It is a medium blue color and packs a punch in the washing machine. I popped it into the washing machine, put in the clothes, and turned it on. It was like my experience with Tide Pods. It was mess-free, easy to use, and makes clothes very clean. The clothes also had a clean, fresh scent in the end. Overall, it was a great product.

Downy Unstoppables
I LOVE Downy Unstoppables. I got the fresh scent one (the one in the blue bottle) and it smelled so good. I just popped a cupful into the washing machine with my clothes and voila, delicious smelling clothes. In fact, during the whole wash, it made my whole basement smell good! I actually washed it with it a few days ago and it still smells faintly like the scent. This product is easy to use (you just pour a cupful  and toss it in), smells great, and overall, is a wonderful product to use when you need to wash smelly clothes or old dish towels that are always DISGUSTING

I hope you guys liked these reviews. Don't forget to tell your friends! Thanks for reading!

Ok, I've tried the other scent of Downy Unstoppables and I have to say, I'm a little disappointed in the lush scent one (the one in the purple bottle). It smells really good, but it's not as strong as the fresh scent one, so I barely noticed the scent at all after the wash. I think you have to put in a lot just to smell the scent. I would recommend the fresh scent more because it is stronger and works better in my opinion.

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