Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dial Soaps Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to another review. Yes, I did get this for free from Purex in exchange for an honest review. This review is completely honest and completely my own. I'm under no obligation to write a positive review and I would never accept anything that required me to. Now, let's get started.

First, the "coconut lime verbena" scented one.
It has a pump top that is easy to twist open (the first time) and use. The soap has a slight tinge of green and works into a white lather. The tiny scrubbing beads or "micro scrubbers" can clearly be felt when using the soap and they make it seem like the soap works better and cleans deeper. It also felt moisturizing while using it. It has a tropical, fruity scent. Perhaps, mango? I'm not sure, but after use, my skin felt rather soft, but I felt that the scrubbing power could be a bit better because I had a bandaid on before and sticky residue was left behind after I took it off. The soap didn't completely remove it.
However, it is hard to get off, so I don't think it was really a problem with the soap. Overall, the moisturizing portion of it was fine and the cleaning power was okay as well.

Now, the "yellow raspberry & black sugar" scented one.
It's in the same container as the other variety and has a slight yellow tint. It smells like Welch's fruit snacks in orange or peach flavor. It has a white lather and feels a bit less moisturizing while in use than the "coconut lime verbena" one. Again, the "micro scrubbers" were clearly felt and seemed to do their job. After using it, my skin felt pretty soft and the soap seemed to clean my hands well, so overall, I liked it. Also, after using it, it lasted for quite a while afterwards.

And that's all! Thank you for reading as always and I'm also hosting a giveaway for five free product coupons for this soap in this post. Just click this link

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