Monday, January 28, 2013

Card Gnome's 10 Card Valentine's Day Plan

Buying and sending cards can sometimes be a bit of a pain. 
First, you have to actually remember to get it and next, you have to find that absolutely perfect one that says all you want it to say. 
Card Gnome has this new card plan that allows you to "take the hassle out of buying and sending cards." 

Every plan includes:
Free postage (you don't need to worry about sending it anymore!)
1 year advanced scheduling (get a whole year's worth of cards ready!)
With a 5 card, 10 card, and 25 card plan, there's something for every budget! Also, if you don't use some of those credits, they can be used for your next purchase!

So now, all you have to do is write a meaningful message and find the perfect card.

Now that you've learned about these awesome plans, you can now enter to win a 10 card plan for Valentine's Day and more below!

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